EPISODE #01 - ADAPTOGENIC POTIONS & DIVERSITY IN THE WELLNESS SPACE - achieving homeostasis through herbs and mushrooms; race; imposter syndrome

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We're so excited to kick off the podcast with our friend Tegan Woo from Amoda Tea - we've been starting to delve into the world of adaptogens, and Tegan gives us a deeper look into different herbs, mushrooms, and formulation processes.



What are adaptogens, you may ask? (Yes, we use them in our products as well, including our new Mars Sand Dry Shampoo, Obsidian Volumizing and Anti-Pollution Hair Jelly, and Moon Boost Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum) - they are a category of herbs, mushrooms, and plants that help us adapt to stress. They have a modulating effect, and work by triggering stress response in a way so help body develop better way to respond to stress in the long term. 



• Nourishing adaptogens that are simple and easy to start off with are ashwagandha, reishi, and siberian ginseng.

• For coffee drinkers, turn to matcha. You can add siberian ginseng for an extra kick, as this helps you feel more energized.

• Mucuna = also known as nature's MDMA 

• How to strengthen your immune system, especially during the cold/flu season: Change and strengthen way your usual reaction to stress, and focus on soothing the stress response. 


• We talk about inner happiness instead of turning to external sources and the meaning of mindfulness - being in the present moment and not bringing past into future. 

• Getting past imposter syndrome/building your confidence in an extroverted world.

• Greenwashing and diversity in health and beauty industry, with many groups of people feeling like they're not being reflected in the wellness space, and what we can do about it.


If you want to meet our team and podcast hosts Mia and Diana, take a listen to our pilot episode here: 



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