Our Ideology



One summer, my sister came home during the school break with suddenly mile-long fluttery eyelashes. How did that happen, I wondered. And how can I get lashes like yours? We share the same DNA!

At first she played coy, but then she let me in on her secret: a hormone-based chemical serum in which the active ingredient was a compound made of medication for glaucoma issues. This cost all of her allowance and then some, every 2 months. It didn't matter that this serum stung her eyes and caused redness and eczema on her eyelids from time to time; she was hooked. I was shocked. And even more shocked when after prolonged use, her lashes fell out in clumps at a time, leaving spaces in her lashline. 

Our team created this all-natural lash and brow enhancing formula after seeing family members and friends use these types of chemical serums and eyelash extensions that came with harmful side effects. There was a void in the market where existing lash serums and wellness products were either full of chemicals, very overpriced, or some claiming to be completely natural, when in fact they were not. 

At a young age, I suffered from many allergies, skin conditions, and constant fatigue. Growing up in a household that emphasized Eastern herbal medicine and the connections between diet, mind, exercise, and physical appearance, I was able to heal my maladies with these techniques. I spent much of my time hidden away in the kitchen as a child mixing up my own all-natural skincare concoctions. As I grew up, those habits were forgotten in place of a hectic lifestyle. After it all reached a boiling point, I found myself revisiting holistic health in search of authenticity and deeper fulfillment, and it was a natural step to take the leap into creating green solutions. I wanted all women to feel that they could take control of their own well-being, appearance and spirit, and feel confident by nourishing themselves with natural remedies and mindfulness.

Our mission goes beyond skincare. We're founded on the principle of a streamlined back-to-the-roots lifestyle while maintaining quality and authenticity. We cherish minimalism and outspokenness. We love uncomplicated yet effective rituals. We strive to empower appreciation of inner beauty and strength, while providing natural solutions to enhance and radiate.

- Mia

Founder, Luna Nectar