Charcoal For Resetting Your Hair

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Charcoal! The birds sing melodiously, the crowds cheer. We’ve all heard of the raving benefits of charcoal for skin, teeth, and even diet periodically - but what about hair? The answer is yes - charcoal does wonders for your hair.


Think about all the styling products, sweat, environmental pollution, and sebum accumulated in your hair over the years. This can contribute to clogged follicles; limp, greasy roots, poor hair growth, and scalp irritiation. Charcoal acts as a detoxifying magnet to suck out these impurities - a deep clean of the scalp, which is the most important factor in the growth and lustre of your hair. Your hair is left freed of the weight of the impurities, hair density is increased, leaving it more voluminous and with a lighter feeling of the scalp.

How is charcoal different from traditional clarifying shampoos? The latter can be harsh and stripping of your hair, and affect dyed hair. On the contrary, charcoal leaves your hair soft, and does not affect dye.

How should you apply the charcoal to your hair? How much do you use? It’s loose powder, how do you use it?!

We’ve got your covered. In jelly form, our Obsidian Volumizing and Anti-Pollution Hair Jelly is to be used once a week to hit ‘reset on your hair. This is an all-natural, cruelty free product!

Simply massage into your scalp in the shower instead of shampoo, wait for a few minutes, then rinse and condition as usual. Mission accomplished, hair boosted.

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