How To Connect With Yourself During Self-Isolation

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For all of us globally, it's been more than a month and a half in self-isolation. We've all been on multiple walks from one end of the city to the other, have baked (and gorged on) too many loaves of banana bread to count, braved the lines at grocery stores, and have had our vision turn cubic with too many virtual game nights on Zoom.

Although this is a very uncertain period, the silver lining is that now we have time to look inward to discover how we can do things differently, moving forward. Perhaps you want a change in career. You want to break out of old habits when it comes to relationships, or mindset. It can be something as simple as wanting to take up a new hobby or just switching to natural skincare.

Getting ourselves organized and settled in a routine can spark that fire of the kind of life we want to live, and how to achieve it. 

1. Change in environment.

Outdoor activities! It can be tempting to isolate yourself inside day after day, but force yourself to head outside. Gardening, runs, and other types of exercise (outdoor yoga) are all excellent options. If you live with someone, try something spontaneous, like a treasure hunt!

You can change up your indoor environment as well. A shift in indoor scenery can be quite beneficial. Try moving around your furniture in a creative new layout, or Marie Kondo'ing your space. The de-cluttering will free up any blocked energy.

2. Perfect your skincare and haircare routine (clean and natural, of course)

Now's the time to find out what really, really works for you, or to simply pamper yourself! When it comes time for society to re-open, you'll be so much more efficient. Shop our clean and natural skin care here. 

3. Find a new hobby.

If you haven't had much time for hobbies during the weekly grind that we once lived, now's the time to embrace it. Sing, rollerblade, paint, build that cabinet. As they say, to be happy, we need 1) a hobby that makes you a living, 2) a hobby that keeps you healthy, and 3) a hobby that keeps you creative!

4. Have a workout routine.

How do we keep healthy and sane in this climate? By moving! Try to organize workout dates with friends over video chat to keep motivated.

5. Stay connected with family and friends.

Although it can be tough (and a bit of a strain for the eyes!) to video chat all the time, this is very important! Try to keep a balance with time to yourself, as well as calling a friend or family member a few times a week to check in.

6. Introspection 

This is the time to figure out what makes you happy - what you want to add and subtract in your life. In what way do you want to show up, more evolved, when we head back into society?

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