Save The Bees: Luna Nectar's Vegan Cause and How to Help

Luna Nectar, vegan skin and hair care products

As a greater emphasis is being placed on healthy diets and natural beauty regimes, more honey is being used in food and beauty products. The rising demand means increased strain being put on bees to produce honey, and more of this honey being taken from hives. This leaves less honey for bees to feed on in the winter.

The first phenomenon of honey bee colonies disappearing began in 2006. Named Colony Collapse Disorder, farmers would find hives completely empty, with approximately 10-30% of colonies dying globally every year. Wild bee diversity is also at risk, with numbers dropping approximately 25%. Most concerning is the bumblebee recently being listed as an endangered species.

Besides providing honey, bees contribute to our ecosystem by pollinating plants that make up one-third of our food supply. Pesticides, viruses, climate change, aggressive agriculture, and pollutants can cause stress and confusion to bees, and even change their brain chemistry, causing them to pollinate less efficiently.

How can we help the bees? Nourish the environment in which they pollinate! By planting bee-friendly gardens (avoiding hybrid flowers as these have very little or no nectar or pollen), stopping the use of pesticides, and buying honey locally; every small action can make a big difference. You can also leave out a small cup or spoon of sugar and water mixture (not too much water, or the bee will drown!) by a patch of flowers in your garden to revive exhausted, thirsty bees.

You can also start or contribute to a honeybee hive! Luna Nectar has partnered up with Hives For Humanity, a non-profit Canadian organization that focuses on fostering community through ethical beekeeping. Check out more about their offerings here. From Wednesday August 22 til Friday Aug 24, we will be offering free shipping sitewide for our vegan and cruelty-free skincare, hair, and lash and brow products, plus donating $1 per sale towards their cause.

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