Happiness Mindset Algorithm

What makes you happy? Truly happy, without any assistance of material goods? Hint: It may not be your scented candles, the new essential oil of the week, or even that new trendy charcoal face mask you want to try out.

We found Google executive Mo Gawdat's formula to happiness a valuable bit of advice that anyone can apply to their day-to-day life.

After losing his son, Mo realizes that happiness is acceptance of the truth of life in this very moment itself. Looking at life exactly as it is and being peaceful and grateful with the present. 

So many times, subconsciously we expect so much of ourselves and others -- success in our careers, relationships, day-to-day customer service. In modern society, there is an unrealistic standard that has been ingrained in us that we must cope with, and Mo has identified the phenomena that distort our sense of reality, which can be: believing we are our thought, our sense of self (that you are your looks, body, achievements, possessions, group you belong to, what 'image' or 'character' you're portraying, if you will), knowledge, an obsession with time (for example, setting time limits for yourself to accomplish something by a certain age), control, and fear. 

Mo believes if we let go of these illusions, we open ourselves to greater freedom and do away with subconcious inner obsessions of analyzing our faults.

What do you think? What are your tips to achieving true happiness?

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