Updating Your Natural Skincare Routine for Fall

This year the Fall equinox begins on September 22, and with it brings everything we love about the season: stealing oversized sweaters from our boyfriend's closet, puddle stomping, and the inevitable PSL. You know it. Pumpkin Spice Latte. Pumpkin Spice everything. And while it's important to make the shift from sandals to booties (for that glorious puddle stomping), there's one thing we often forget - adjusting your skin care routine.

Autumn is the start of cold weather and that means dry, dull, skin. Have you noticed that whenever the weather changes, even if just for a day, it causes your skin to do some weird things? It's an often confusing season to determine what to do, but here's our input. We've put together a list of ways you can update your natural skin care routine to continue that glow right through til winter.




You'd think you wouldn't suffer from more breakouts than in the summer months but in fact, you can. The natural flow of oil to your face is still occurring, but the cooler air is creating layers of dead skin cells. This buildup traps oil and bacteria beneath the skin's surface which can lead to breakouts. Gentle exfoliation daily or weekly (depending on your skin type) is essential to reducing breakouts and keeping skin looking fresh.

We recommend: Pai Kukui & Jojoba Bead Skin Brightening Exfoliator


You'll want to replace your morning and nighttime cleansers with products that won't dry you out. Opt for PH balanced, sulfate free, non-drying cleansers; gel for the morning and lotion-based for at night. Or get you one that can do both.

We recommend: Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser


If you don't usually wear a serum, it's time to invest in a good one. Serums are applied before a moisturizer and penetrate deeper into your skin to deliver a higher dose of active ingredients. Using one daily can make your skin smoother, firmer, increase moisture levels (essential for cooler weather) and make pores appear smaller. Serums are a bit pricey so be on the lookout for ones that contain antioxidants: pomegranate extract, vitamin C, grapeseed extract; anti-inflammatories: zinc, arnica, aloe vera; and hydrators: ceramides, amino acids and essential fatty acids to get the best bang for your buck.

We recommend: Kypris Antioxidant Dew


Every skin type needs a good moisturizer. There is a common misconception that girls who suffer from oily skin don't need one, but that couldn't be more wrong. You can have oily skin but still lack water. If your skin is more on the normal/dry side, you'll need to invest in something a bit more heavy duty for fall. If you've got oily/combination skin, opt for something oil-free.

We recommend: First Aid Beauty-Skin Rescue Oil-Free Mattifying Gel Moisturizer, French Girl Organics-Creme Lumiere

Toning Spray

The last thing you should apply to your face is a setting mist. A quality product will help attract moisture to the skin and provide that extra hydration you need to keep your skin alive during the harsh fall and winter months.

We recommend: Farmacy-Skin Dew Hydrating Essence Mist & Setting Spray

We don't want to suffer from dry, lackluster skin this autumn, so we'll be picking up a few of these cruelty-free natural skin care products before the fall solstice.

Have you tried any of these products before? What do you recommend?

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