Why Hyaluronic Size and Type Matters

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By now, you've heard so much about the magical, skin-plumping and blurring effects of hyaluronic acid. It's miraculous capabilities of drawing 1000x its weight in moisture to the skin is exactly what we need as our natural hyaluronic acid reserve decreases as we age. It's perfect for hydration!

However, there are different weights of hyaluronic acid (low molecular weight and high molecular weight), combined with different percentages used in skincare products. Confusing, right? 

According to studies, when damage occurs to the skin, hyaluronidase enzymes are released, which then breaks up the hyaluronic acid into smaller pieces. There are different sizes: low, medium, and high weight. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid serum is able to penetrate the skin better, but it increases inflammation and scarring, while high molecular weight hyaluronic acid promotes regenerative healing. The process of hyaluronic acid is to sit on the skin surface and binds to water to maintain hydration, while linking with other HA molecules to create a barrier, and thus that skin blurring effect.

Our all-natural Neptune Blur & Hydrate Serum utilizes high-weight hyaluronic acid at 1% for the safest, most effective skin smoothing results. Paired with anti-oxidants such as helichrysum, green tea and butterfly pea, HA works synergistically with these ingredients to act as a humectant barrier, and well as contributing to the health of the skin underneath. Hydrated skin is at your fingertips.



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