Skincare For Your Scalp: Exploring The Scalp's Microbiome For Healthy Hair

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The scalp in all its glory: a rugged, unexplored landscape. A healthy scalp is crucial to hair growth and the condition of the hair in general, but it is an area of our bodies that we don't ponder about too much.

A high-functioning healthy scalp needs a balanced microbiome.

What is the scalp's microbiome, you may ask?

The microbiome is the total of all the micro-organisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi, that inhabit a particular place (say the surface of your skin, or gut). The microbiome of your scalp becomes imbalanced if you've stripped away its natural defences, and thus can inhibit hair growth, and lead to dandruff or itchy scalp. ⁠

What causes an imbalance of the scalp's microbiome?⁠

1. Overwashing your hair - shampoo with sulphates can strip the scalp's natural oils. The best way to prevent this is to use a natural shampoo, and wash every other day or fewer times per week.⁠

2. Product Buildup⁠ - Styling products can clog up your scalp follicles and trap dirt, even with shampoo use. Using a scalp scrub such as our Obsidian Anti-Pollution Hair Jelly (which is infused with charcoal), can deep clean your scalp, removing impurities and buildup.⁠

3. Lack of Exfoliating - The scalp, much like skin, needs some gentle massaging to loosen up dead skin cells as well. A brush or scalp massager can help with this.

4. Environmental Changes - The weather can play a part in disturbing the microbiome. For example, some people find that their dandruff is worse in the winter months.⁠

To soothe over-stripped hair and replenish moisture to your scalp, our Atmosphere Hair Density and Scalp Serum provides a potent cocktail of active ingredients (such as caffeine, zinc, tetrapeptides, and skullcap extract), which help nourish, stimulate, and balance out the hydration and natural oils on your scalp. This is a 100% clean, natural beauty product.

This in turn will improve hair density and hair growth in the long-run. 

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