Product Spotlight: Atmosphere Hair Density Serum

Product Spotlight: Atmosphere Hair Density Serum

Over time, we put a lot of demands on our hair. From chemical straightening to hot curling irons, bleaches, dyes, and everything in between, our hair and scalps endure a lot. This can lead to some serious damage and even hair loss. Luckily, Luna Nectar has the solution to restore balance and give our hair the treatment it deserves. Our secret: Atmosphere Hair Density & Scalp Serum. Well, it’s not really a secret, because we want to shout Atmosphere’s benefits from the rooftops and share it with everyone who could use some hair therapy. Read on to learn more about this exciting hair product that will revolutionize your tired tresses. 

Something in the Atmosphere

Atmosphere Hair Density & Scalp Serum is formulated with peptides, vitamins, and herbal extracts combined into a lightweight serum that will give you fuller, denser, and thicker hair as well as condition your scalp. This airy serum is fragrance-free and safe for sensitive skin. It contains no grease and will leave no residue; just cleaner, healthier hair. 

Aloe Vera adds to the moisture, combined with stimulating Caffeine and Skullcap, as well as hair-boosting adaptogens He Shou Wu, Angelica, Gotu Kola, Red Clover, and silica-rich Horsetail. Apply a few drops of Atmosphere to your scalp every night before bed and massage thoroughly. Your dream of thicker, voluminous hair will start to come true in 3-4 weeks. 

All-Natural Luna Nectar

We see it everywhere; haircare products making big promises about being natural, vegan, and healthy for your hair and then failing to deliver. The harsh reality is that many brands have products containing only one natural ingredient and still promote them as “all-natural”. At Luna Nectar, we’re redefining the phrase ‘clean beauty’ and bringing you cruelty-free, vegan, all-natural products. It starts with our formulation transparency; we are upfront about the location and sourcing of ingredients as well as their scientific benefits. In addition, the ingredients in each product can be found on the product pages, our product containers can be fully recycled through our Circular Beauty program, and all of our packaging is recyclable, with our packing materials being Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI)-certified. You deserve better and so does our environment. Choose Luna Nectar if you agree.

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