Defining Clean Beauty in the Haircare Industry

Defining Clean Beauty in the Haircare Industry

One of the growing trends in the haircare industry right now is clean beauty. But what does that even mean? The concept of clean beauty exists on a large spectrum wherein there is no concrete definition. 

In 2020, Influenster and Bazaarvoice conducted a survey of 24,000 women across the globe about what they look for in beauty products. From this survey, they found that words like “clean”, “natural”, and “green” are used interchangeably by beauty consumers and that definitions of clean products vary greatly.

50% of women surveyed said that clean beauty consists of products that contain non-toxic ingredients, both natural and/or synthetic;

16% felt that clean beauty products are organic; and

15% felt that clean beauty products use ingredients that are sourced from nature. 

From this, we can surmise that clean beauty products should contain non-toxic, organic, and natural ingredients. While that seems easy enough, the same survey found that 61% of women felt that brands labelled their products as ‘clean’ without providing enough information. This is where the issues with transparency in the haircare and beauty industry arise. Without a clear definition, it is up to the individual companies to decide what clean beauty means to them, which may not align with the consumer. 

The Troubles with (Lack of) Transparency

A lack of transparency creates distrust for a company’s brand. Consumers care about the ingredients in the products they’re putting on their skin and massaging into their hair. Since the start of the pandemic, people are caring more about their health which has led to an increased demand for transparency when it comes to skin and hair care. What they won’t care about is a brand that doesn’t disclose all the information about their product, as well as brands that continue to use ingredients that are harmful to the environment and to their health. 

In fact, there are entire apps devoted to informing consumers about harmful ingredients in popular products and outing the companies that claim to be ‘clean’ while still using ingredients that are bad for us and the environment. With so much information at consumers’ fingertips, being honest about your brand and products is key to building consumer trust and a loyal customer base.

In Pursuit of Something Better

That’s why at Luna Nectar, we are completely transparent about the ingredients in our products. We believe that clean beauty extends beyond ensuring ingredients are good for your skin but are also safe for the environment and that the mindset you have around your beauty routine is clean and minimal as well. 

To us, clean beauty encompasses the beauty of a community mindset, minimalism, function, and authenticity. We practice what we preach with our recycling program that collects and recycles hard-to-recycle packaging. We also offer customers the option to offset carbon emissions with their purchases to help fight climate change. Our packing materials are FSC-certified and we’re also certified by Cleanhub as a Plastic Neutral Supporter. 

Join us in our pursuit to be the brand that redefines clean beauty in the haircare industry and learn more about Luna Nectar.

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