Moon Boost Lash Serum Gains Global Recognition

Moon Boost Lash Serum Gains Global Recognition

With two mentions from leading publications, the rabbit will have to move over—2023 is shaping up to be the year of Moon Boost Lash Serum.


Sometimes loud, sometimes gentle, but always changing. The beauty industry has undergone seismic shifts in recent years. With trends for 2023 focussed on both efficacy and environment, consumer choices have clearly signalled it's time to do things differently. Enter Moon Boost—an all-natural brow and lash serum made from potent plant actives in a 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free formula.


In an industry as competitive as skin and hair care, it can take a lot of work to gain traction, especially as a Canadian indie brand. Some products, although excellent, fall by the wayside because they fail to find a foothold. That's why we're so excited about the recent attention around Moon Boost Brow and Lash Serum


Last November, under our radar, Moon Boost was featured in Vogue as one of the "Lash Serums that Experts Recommend (and Actually Use). More recently, The Independent UK named it Best Vegan Option among 10 Best Eyelash Serums that Add Strength and Volume


As an adaptogen-infused serum, Moon Boost is powerful yet gentle. Formulated from pure plant extracts, the tonic works synergistically to boost lash health, volume, and density. The decision to create an all-natural lash alternative was intentional, spearheaded by Luna Nectar founder Mia Fiona Kut who noticed the harmful effects of a prostaglandin formula on a family member. Beyond creating an effective lash serum that was safe and effective, we felt it was essential to create an ethical product, one produced to best environmental practices to minimize waste and other costs to the planet.


Rather than water, we chose aloe barbadensis, aloe vera juice, for the base. Moon Boost is the first waterless lash serum on the market. Obviously, anything that reduces water consumption is good, but there were other reasons, too. Water dilutes active ingredients. Aloe replenishes and nourishes the skin—it actively improves the formula. Also, water is prone to bacterial growth, which requires more chemicals to stabilize the product. A waterless serum allowed us to create the clean, streamlined formula we wanted.


For any natural product, formulation comes down to symbiosis between the desired effects and raw ingredients. We looked closely at botanicals used in traditions like Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. Then it's a matter of concentrating and synergizing ingredients—horsetail for density and volume, gotu kola to strengthen, argan for hydration and shine—there are over 15 active ingredients in Moon Boost Lash Serum.


We're thrilled Moon Boost has gained global recognition. It signals a growing demand for products sourced ethically and made sustainably from ingredients that support long-term health and wellness. As a sustainably oriented team, we want to continue creating clean formulations that strengthen and beautify while reducing environmental impact. 


We recently repackaged Moon Boost Lash Serum in a new aluminum tube—it's super sleek but, more importantly, infinitely recyclable and protects ingredients better. The outer packaging is an FSC-certified paper made from responsibly-sourced wood fibre—it's what we use for all our boxes.


By nature, for nature. That's what Luna Nectar is all about. So far, it's a message that's resonating in 2023.

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