Boost Hair Health by Adding a Scalp Serum to Your Beauty Routine

Boost Hair Health by Adding a Scalp Serum to Your Beauty Routine

Healthy hair is scalp deep. Not quite the same as a hair serum, which is typically a silicone-based product meant to coat and protect hair from heat and styling, scalp serums—like our Atmosphere Hair Density and Scalp Serum—work to nourish and hydrate, creating a balanced, nutrient-rich environment, setting the stage for healthy hair.


Multiple factors contribute to the loss of hair density. Some of it is life and styling stress—but there are other causes. Poor sleep, nutrition, or even natural hormonal changes caused by ageing and pregnancy can result in shedding, thin, or patchy hair.

Adding a scalp serum to your daily routine can be an effective solution for working towards the look of healthy hair that's full and dense. To create the first-ever natural and 100% waterless scalp serum, our development team looked to nature, creating a powerful tri-peptide formula to stimulate the roots and boost collagen and lamin production for healthier hair. Combined with plant-based botanicals like he shou wu, skullcap, and gotu kola, ingredients work synergistically, penetrating root to tip to repair split ends, enhancing density and lustre for thick-looking hair that's full of shine and softness.

Like all scalp serums, Atmosphere is meant to be left in and massaged into the scalp. Massage in the airy, lightweight formula morning or night, modifying the amount according to your hair type. Generally, 2-3 drops work for straight, fine hair, with up 7-10 for curlier types.

As a sustainably oriented hair care product, Atmosphere is all-natural, formulated without toxins or hormone-based chemicals. It's also vegan and cruelty-free, certified by our friends at Leaping Bunny. The waterless formulation allows natural actives to function more potently while reducing reliance on precious resources. Sprinkle in a few drops daily for an enriching blend of plant vitamins and antioxidants that effortlessly rebalance the scalp—for beautiful, healthy results that don't feel like pulling hairs.

Atmosphere Hair Density & Scalp Serum has earned a fanbase among new mothers suffering from post-partum hair loss and thinning. Most clients report seeing a difference in 2-3 weeks, with full results realized in about 90 days. Based on customer testing:

• 95% said they would recommend to a friend
• 95% said they noticed a difference in the look and feel of density of hair
• 100% said they noticed a difference in the look and feel of softness of hair
• 95% said they noticed a difference in the hydration of scalp after use
• 90% said they noticed a difference in hair shedding after use

* Based on a survey with 20 participants

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