Don’t Let Hidden Hormones Disrupt Your Wellness

Don’t Let Hidden Hormones Disrupt Your Wellness

Through sustainable, plant-based formulations, at Luna Nectar we support healthy hair, skin, and lashes without disrupting your hormones.


Fat-free, organic, and whole—we've become pretty good about what we consume as a society. The popularity of whole food made without fillers and pesticides has exploded—but what we put on our bodies—for our hair, lashes, and skin can still be dubious, even though these personal products are absorbed by our bodies like what goes in our mouths.


Many beauty products we use daily are laced with hormones, pollutants, and toxins that compel our body to act differently than it should. One of the most pervasive is a prostaglandin called bimatoprost. Used in many lash serums to trigger growth. This endocrine disruptor upsets the body, resulting in side effects from breakouts and irritation to more severe consequences like blurry vision and orbital fat loss. There is growing evidence that hormones, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals found in our personal care products can interfere with the natural function of our bodies, and the effects range from irritating to alarming. 


At Luna Nectar, we create sustainable and adaptogen-infused formulas featuring clinically-backed ingredients that deliver high-performance results. Our formations are clean, mostly waterless, and intentionally crafted with quality, cruelty-free ingredients for products that are safe and easy to integrate into your daily routine.


Some wellness experts calculate that we may be exposed to as much as 80,000 toxins circulating in our environment every day. From the water we consume, shampoo, skincare, pollution, and pesticides—there's no end to the everyday substances that can affect our hormones.


So, can we do?


First—don't panic. Small, mindful changes are key to making healthier long-term decisions. At Luna Nectar, we avoid substances like parabens and phthalates, one of the worst offenders used to preserve shelf life but widely believed to disrupt hormone function by mimicking estrogen. We also opt out of synthetic fragrances linked to thyroid irregularities and reproductive challenges in men.


If you need help determining which beauty products are free from hormone disruptors, shopping at a clean beauty retailer like the detox market may be a good option. These retailers pre-screen all products and opt out of products that don't live up to promises or contain questionable ingredients. We're proud that the detox market recently introduced Luna Nectar's entire haircare line to their stores for customers ready to streamline hair care routines using natural, minimalist ingredients for optimal scalp and hair health.


While everyday hormone disruptors may not cause any significant harm in the short term, the long-term effects remain unknown. Chemicals such as dioxins, parabens and BPAs,  which have been clinically shown to interfere with the hormonal system, are slowly being phased out by responsible companies who want to promote a healthier brand of hair and skin health.


When beauty products like lash serums or haircare advise against use when pregnant or breastfeeding, we must ask ourselves why. What's happening in our bodies that renders a product too unsafe to use, even temporarily? At Luna Nectar, we're raising the bar with an award-winning line of transformative and balanced skin and hair care products for the skin and tress obsessed. 


Optimize your beauty routine with products that support the strength, hydration, and health of your hair, skin, and lashes through pure, potent ingredients that work with your body—never against it. 



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