Adaptogens: An Old-World Approach to Cutting-Edge Beauty

Adaptogens: An Old-World Approach to Cutting-Edge Beauty

At Luna Nectar, wellness and beauty are intertwined. Increasing studies link the effects of stress on the skin and hair. That may be why the popularity of adaptogen-infused beauty formulas is skyrocketing faster than you can say “ginseng.”

If you’re unfamiliar with adaptogens, these beneficial plants, roots, and herbs have been used for centuries in Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic practices. They have been made into powders, tinctures, and pastes formulated for consumption or topical use to harness a plant’s therapeutic abilities. Adaptogens broadly function to restore balance and buffer stress. Our streamlined formulations work to bring the body back into balance, creating optimal conditions to rebuild healthy hair, lashes, and skin. 

Rather than chemical or hormone-based treatments that can have unpredictable or adverse impacts, adaptogens don’t interfere with physiologic functions. They are intensely nourishing, feeding the hair, skin, and scalp while increasing resistance to physical, biological and environmental stress without causing any harm.

The adaptogens we choose for our all-natural skin and hair care possess potent anti-inflammatory effects as well as intense anti-ageing and antioxidant properties. Some of our standout ingredients include Gotu Kola, He Shou Wu, Skullcap, Amla, Butterfly Pea, Squalane, and Rosehip.

By innovatively combining pure plant-based ingredients, we’ve created formulas that provide synergistic and multi-faceted benefits. Most of our formulations are anhydrous--made without water. Besides the obvious benefit of preserving our planet’s precious freshwater resources, removing water from our formulations makes them more stable, which means fewer preservatives. The result is a potent, planet-friendly line of skin and haircare you can feel good about.

Although adaptogens are just emerging as a talking point globally, many of our team members with roots in Asia are familiar with the concept. From Indian brides who smear turmeric paste on their faces to Chinese herbalists who crush and blend herbs to address various ailments, adaptogens have been our ally for centuries.

There is much anecdotal evidence around adaptogens, although the science is still evolving. More labs are undertaking rigorous studies to understand the full benefits of these incredible phytonutrients. All our products are clinically tested, dermatologist and trichologist-approved. Our approach to tempering tradition with science has resulted in powerful, adaptogen-infused multi-peptide treatments for improved hair density and serums for superior skin health. Made in Canada, our products are natural, vegan, and cruelty-free.

With plant-based formulations that allow you to stress-less, adaptogens are particularly beneficial to anyone suffering stress-induced skin flare-ups and hair loss caused by any number of factors—hormonal changes, pregnancy/birth, nutrition deficiencies, lack of sleep, menopause, etc. However, our nutrient and antioxidant-rich formulations support optimal skin and hair wellness in everyone, creating optimal conditions to unlock your own glowing health and beauty.

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