Moon Boost – A Lash Serum Treatment That’s in Vogue (Again)

Moon Boost – A Lash Serum Treatment That’s in Vogue (Again)

How does it feel to have our lash serum featured in Vogue for the second time this year? Excited doesn't really say it all. In a second article, the iconic fashion and lifestyle magazine listed Moon Boost as Best Ayurvedic-Inspired in The Lash Serums That Experts Recommend (and Actually Use).


Lash serums have become all the rage, especially among those not genetically blessed. After years of falsies, mascara wands, curlers, and extensions, there's a lot of appeal to building up your own healthy, voluminous lashes, especially with new-generation lash serums like Moon Boost that make the process easy and safe.


Understanding How Lash Serums Work


There are a couple different approaches to lash serums—they are not created equally. Lash serums can work by nourishing and strengthening the lash to volumize and prevent breakage—or they stimulate growth.


Lashes follow a predictable growth pattern: they grow for about four to six weeks, then the follicles shrink, typically over two to three weeks. Eventually, the lash sheds and the whole process starts again. It's important to note that each lash functions on its own growth cycle--at no point should you have bald eyes.


The original lash serums worked by stimulating and prolonging the lash's growth cycle. While the effects were undoubtedly noticeable, so were the side effects of these hormone-based treatments. These ranged from spotting and discoloration of the skin to excess hair growth (where it wasn't wanted) and even changing eye colour in rare cases. Itching and burning were also common. It was a prime example of suffering for beauty.


The other downside was longevity—the benefits fell away when the lash did. Without the serum, new lashes would grow in as usual. Clearly, there was space for something better. 


Although the growth-stimulating formulations are still around, the new generation of lash serums is kinder and gentler on the body. Moon Boost Lash Serum nourishes and thickens lashes naturally by improving hair health with ingredients inspired by Chinese herbal and Ayurvedic traditions—argan for shine, gotu kola to replenish hydration, red clover for strength. It's clinically proven to deliver thicker, fuller lashes while improving health, flexibility and strength. The product is 100% natural, made with well-known plant-based adaptogens used in health and beauty formulations for centuries. The effects might not be as pronounced, but they're easier on the body and longer lasting.


As an indie-based Canadian company, Moon Boost has developed a dedicated fan following, with hundreds of reviews that boast its effects. It was a Finalist in the 2018 Clean Beauty Awards and has been noted for its strengthening, volumizing effects in many global publications, including most recently in Vogue.


For individuals interested in trying a lash serum, it's important to remember that patience is key. All serums work in tandem with your natural growth cycle, so results are not instant. For Moon Boost, effects become visible about 2.5 to 3 weeks in, with full results in 6-8 weeks.


With an easy-to-apply applicator, using Moon Boost Brow and Lash Enhancing Serum is as simple as swishing the silky formula across the lash line before bed. As a team that champions adaptogen-infused plant-based formulations, using a lash serum is a lot like using a skin serum--it's about giving your lashes the care and nourishment they need to be their healthiest and most beautiful. 


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