re.NECTAR – Luna Nectar's Recycling Program

Our cyclical recycle and reuse program is here! Did you know that glass is 100% recyclable? When you return your used Luna Nectar glass bottles, you can receive 30% off your next order. We then sterilize and reuse these bottles in our efforts to lower carbon emissions and reduce raw materials whenever necessary.


It takes lots of water, energy, and minerals to create new glass. When you think of how less than 35% of glass is currently being recycled and reused globally, we have to wonder how the rest of the 65% fares in the landfill, contributing to a more polluted environment. Recycling can seem like a small task, sometimes daunting, but it's a simple one - if we all take part, it can create a large positive impact.


Currently, we are only servicing Vancouver, Canada customers. Drop off to your clean, empty bottle to our contactless dropoff box @vegansupplychinatown and scan the QR code located on the box. Once you enter your details, you will receive a 30% discount code for your next purchase.

More locations in Vancouver to come, plus we will be rolling this program out to other cities and countries soon, so keep your eyes peeled! Which city/country do you want us to be in? Feel free to email us at with your city/country of choice.