Love Letters


"I love this serum. My eyelashes look longer, it's insane how good they look. I absolutely love the product!"
- Emilija Baranac, actress (Riverdale, Beyond, Supernatural)


"So happy with the results after using Luna Nectar’s all natural eyelash enhancing serum. I started noticing results in length after just 3 weeks of using it daily at night time! Super smooth on the eyelids and it comes in a beautiful wooden bottle. Highly recommend it!!"
- Samantha Hodhod, actress (Beyond, The Glass Castle)


"This may sound strange, but besides my longer lashes, I used this serum on my scars just to see what would happen, and it faded them as well!"
- Gelsea Mae, actress & recording artist (The Arrangement, Supergirl)



"Have been using Luna Nectar now for just over a month and have been really impressed! I'm not going to lie, I was a bit wary that something all-natural would work, but it really did! My lashes are longer and much thicker than before - I've noticed a huge difference! Thanks for making such a dope product!"

- Caley Dimmock, Marketing Consultant, as featured in Forbes

"True story, my lower lashes have doubled in length from just 3 weeks of using the serum!"

-Sisley Killam, Blogger, The Pure Life @thepurelife_

"I've always been proud of my long lashes but before my Hashimotos was diagnosed, I struggled with hair loss, including my lashes. I ended up with holes in my lash line that even the best clean mascara couldn't really hide. Thankfully, I found a solution in Luna Nectar. The all-natural, clean lash and brow serum has filled out my lashes in just two and a half weeks. The holes I had in my lash line are filled and the rest of my lashes look thicker and longer. Even better? The serum is vegan AND organic, which makes me totally happy because my eyes are super sensitive to preservatives and other dicey ingredients. In fact, this serum is full of kind of amazing, healing ingredients. Plus, founder Mia created the formula with holistic healing in mind. Basically, I need this little serum in a gallon size for my whole head! It's become a nighttime routine must have for me. Thanks for making a top notch serum and helping my lashes come back, Luna Nectar!"

-Nicolle Mackinnon, Editor and Writer at Beauty Heroes, Eco Diva Beauty, No More Dirty Looks @nicollebmack

"Ever since I was 16 years old, my right eyebrow has had a little spot where no hair would grow. Much to my surprise, after using Moon Boost for only 2 weeks, that area is almost completely covered with brows! It's amazing."

- Trish Vawter, Blogger and YouTube Personality @scenthive

"I recently bought your serum, and I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed! I had some serious reservations but thought I'd try it out, and in just a short time I've noticed a significant difference in my brows. So, just a note to say thank you for making a believer out of me with your great product!"

- Rayna, Squamish, BC

"I was blessed with thick and heavy brows. As a child it wasn't so bad, until I became a teenager and discovered tweezers. But without seeing an expert I just plucked most of my brows away. I've tried waxing and threading... I'm now 48 and due to the "over use" of all of the above, I now have bald patches and thin spots in my brows. I bought my first Luna Nectar, and haven't looked back! It's FANTASIC! My brows have grown back and look amazing. The added bonus? They are a local BC company! Thank you Luna Nectar!"

- Heather R., Vancouver

"We've been testing out the serum on our lashes for a month and the results are in. It DEFINITELY works."

- The Green Beauty Collective
"This lash serum helped grow out my brows and bottom lashes within 3 weeks! Now I barely fill in my brows and I can finally apply mascara on my bottom lashes - I am so happy with my results! The best part is knowing that the serum is made up of all natural ingredients!"
- Jenzel Velo, cinematographer


"This product is wonderful! I have been using it for while now and have noticed my lashes are much stronger. I do have lash extensions but my extensions stay in much longer than they used to. They look like I have just has them done even 4 weeks later. My aesthetician asked me what I was using as she was very impressed with how strong my lashes have become. I also use it on my lower lashes to increase their volume. Thank you for a wonderful product that is organic and works so well!"
- Maria M., Lethbridge, Alberta


"My friends have all been asking me how I got my lash extensions to look so natural, and they were surprised when I told them I wasn't wearing extensions, but that it was my natural lashes that had grown longer with Luna Nectar!"
- Sarah P., Vancouver


"My lashes look way longer and curlier, compared to before when they were pin-straight and weak. Actually, before it looked like I didn't have any lashes at all. Loving the Moonstone Tonic!"
- Fatuma N., Vancouver


"I am very satisfied with the end result, my eyebrows look fuller with new hairs coming in. Very happy with Luna Nectar!"
- Martina N., Vancouver


"Very happy with my fuller lashes. I was going to get lash extensions but I don't need to anymore!"
- Suzanne P., Victoria