Moon Boost FAQ

Our special combination of organic oils, herbal extracts, vitamins, and proteins work together to nourish and prolong the growth cycle of the follicles of your lashes and brows, sealing in moisture, and encouraging length to your full potential.

Everyone is different due to age, diet, lifestyle, and DNA! On average, people will begin to see a difference in 2½ weeks, and full results in 6-8 weeks.

There were no side effects with our clinical testers. If you notice side effects or discomfort, please discontinue use. Always read the ingredients and directions, and if you have any known allergies that we use in our Moon Boost Serum, please do not use the product!

Yes! Your lashes can benefit greatly from using serum if you have lash extensions. The Moon Boost Serum will prevent lash fallout, as well as repair and strengthen your natural lashes, which prolongs the lifespan of your extensions (you can get them done less often.) Also, the serum is not oil-based so it won’t affect any results from lash treatments.

You will see less fallout and more consistent results. Health-wise, we are all-natural so you won't have to worry about side effects with chemicals near your eyes.

For best results, it is recommended that you use every night before bed. For maximum results, apply in the morning as well before your makeup routine!

It's all good! Just do your best to use it nightly for best results!

Being white in colour, you can see where you've applied it on your lashes/brows. It dries clear very quickly.

Remove your contacts before use at night. If you are using it in the morning, use the serum before putting your contacts in.

Rinse your eyes, and if you experience any irritation, discontinue use until your eyes are comfortable again.

Yes! Apply Moon Boost Serum on clean lashes first, wait til it dries, then apply your eye makeup as usual.

3 months with a 4mL container

Store at room temperature, and discard any unused product after 1 year.

All of our ingredients are ethically sourced from cruelty-free suppliers, packaged in bamboo tubes from a fair trade manufacturer, and boxes made from recycled paper.

Yes, it has tested by chemists at a GMP and HACCP-compliant facility.

We have pregnant and breastfeeding customers who use our lash and brow serum – the only ingredient to highlight is castor oil, which is not to be ingested during this period. However, Moon Boost would be a minuscule amount applied topically. We always encourage customers to consult a physician if they would like to double check.

Atmosphere FAQ


Generally, moisturizers such as aloe vera (abundant in Atmosphere) help with psoriasis. However, we recommend discontinuing use if any discomfort arises.

Yes, you can use in Atmosphere in problem areas to encourage hair density. Our blend of peptides, herbal extracts and oils work synergistically to feed the follicles, wake up the roots and prolong the growth phase of the hair cycle.

General FAQ

We encourage our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are concerned about any aspect of this product in any way, please email with an explanation within 30 days of purchase and we will provide a replacement product. We take all inquiries and feedback with open arms. More information on this initiative, and refunds and exchanges, can be found here.