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Melissa's line of decadent, sophisticated skincare, Kunye Complexion Co., has us longing for her creams and potions to melt onto our skin! Melissa chats with us today about her #InspirationalHuman journey.


What inspired you to start your own business? Tell us a bit about the journey while creating Kunye.

 My biggest inspiration is my mom. To me, she is the epitome of how to age well. For as long as I can remember, she has always practiced and preached self-care. In fact, the word KUNYE is a tribute to her. It’s a word from her native zulu language.

It was actually her advice that led me to develop the line. During a difficult time in my life, she always encouraged me to choose health over anything else. Hit the gym, eat my veggies, take care of me...etc. As I got older, it was my own deep dive into health and wellness that lead me to understanding the connection between my internal health and the state of my complexion.


Tell us a little about your products and your philosophy.

I think so many of us have been taught that the solution to our skin issues lies in finding the perfect product. So we’ve spent money and time investing in the “hunt” only to be let down by a product that over promised and under performed.

At Kunye, we believe that healthy skin requires an 80/20 approach - it’s 80% the result of our inner health (ie. nutrition, hormone balance, gut health, stress levels, and mindset) and 20% the result of high performance products that not only do what they say they will, but most importantly, that support the delicate microbiome of the skin. We call this philosophy Integrative skincare.

Each of our products are inspired by our commitment to integrative skincare. We use minerals and botanicals, along with superfoods you commonly add to your smoothies, fermented ingredients, and safe synthetics like vitamin B and C, to really nourish and elevate skin to its best self - smooth, hydrated, and glowing..


What does wellness mean to you?

 In my opinion, wellness is a state of being.  I believe that wellness is the sum of the healthy and positive actions we take each day.


What is a natural self-care ritual that you swear by for busy individuals in our fast-paced society?


 It sounds so simple, but surprisingly, it’s easy to forget. Pause and take a deep breath numerous times a day. If you can pause for 2, 5 or even 10 mins even better. Doing nothing but breathing is  honestly the simplest form of meditation there is and you can do it anywhere!


Where do you find the energy it takes to run your own business?

 Most of my energy comes from pure passion (and maybe a bit of entrepreneurial adrenalin). I really stand behind the work I do and I feel like it’s my purpose. That being said, I’m human. Sometimes it’s just a matter of putting myself first -  saying no to certain things and yes to healthy food, daily exercise and meditation, and a bit of fun!  That’s how I recharge my batteries.


How do you find the landscape of the natural health and beauty industry changing? Or not?

I think natural is not just for hippies any more. However, regulation in the personal care and cosmetics sector is terribly outdated. Natural doesn't always mean safe, so there should be a governing body looking out for the consumer, in my opinion. Poor regulation and misinformation is being passed around carelessly about what is safe vs what is toxic/harmful and it’s a source of a lot of confusion. I think natural has come a long way but has a long way to go still.


What are your hobbies/other talents that we don’t know about?

I love to dance! But with a hectic work schedule, it usually just happens in my living room these days haha.


What’s next for your company?

2018 is going to be a BIG year… but we’re not revealing any secrets just yet. Stay tuned!


Thank you Melissa!

IG: @thekunyeway

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