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When Luna Nectar first met Moonbrew Tonic, it was love at first sip. Literally. We had the tiniest sip of their handmade jun, a fermented green tea, and were feeling the effects right away. Energy was immediately flowing, giggles ensued, we were feeling giddy

Moonbrew Tonic encapsulates 6 different flavours and blends of jun to bring out a different aspect: calmness, immunity, balance.

Jamie, the founder of Moonbrew Tonic guest posts with us today.



What inspired you to start your own business? Tell us a bit about the transition from holistic nutrition education to creating Moonbrew Tonic.

It stemmed from a place of conflict; working a “good job” that I was completely unhappy in. I didn’t know for certain I wanted to start my own business until I began home -brewing. By that point, I had graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition thinking my only option was to become a holistic nutritionist, helping one individual at a time. During that time, I kept hitting road block after road block, quickly realizing coaching was not for me. But what the heck was!? When I realized it made more sense to me to reach many individuals looking to heal, I knew I had to share my kitchen potions (aka jun tonics). And so I started slinging bottles of jun at the office until I was given the option to leave and my business journey began…


Tell us a little about your products and your philosophy.

Similar to kombucha, jun is a traditionally fermented beverage. The true difference between the two fermented teas lie in the ingredients; instead of black tea and refined sugar used in kombucha, jun is brewed with green tea and honey. We honour this ancient process by infusing local hand-harvested herbs and healing botanicals. I began brewing jun as a healing tool to aid in alleviating symptoms of chronic candida. And it worked (along with other modalities). My intention for sharing this brew is purely to establish and strengthen connection to mind, body & soul, in order to heal.


What does wellness mean to you?

 Wellness in my life has many facets. I am always aware of the holistic approach to wellness, taking in to consideration mind, body and spirit. 

I am no longer as rigid as I once was in my wellness routines but overall it looks a little something like: tuning in to my body, accepting myself fully, working through deep-rooted fears and traumas, spending quality time with people I love, moving my body in ways that feel great (usually involves being outside or some form of yoga movement), eating foods that my body craves, being conscious of my likeness to overeat, drinking lots and lots of local spring water and every couple days taking a cold shower or ocean plunge.


What is a natural self-care and beauty ritual that you swear by for busy individuals in our fast-paced society?

 As controversial as it may be, a ritual I often practice are coffee enemas. It has been used as a natural detoxification method as it stimulates the liver to release bile and glutathione. From my personal experience, I often feel increased energy, mental clarity, happiness, and overall “lightness” in the body post-enema. I also use this time to relax and unwind, meditate or listen to a podcast. It is some of the only time each day I have to myself.


Where do you find the energy it takes to run your own business?

My body naturally requires at least 8hrs of sleep per night. If I’m sleeping well, drinking enough water and eating enough (at this point it’s more about the actual intake of food instead of precision of nutrition). But don’t get me wrong, I often feel exhausted, mentally and physically and require time to rest and regenerate.


How do you find the landscape of the natural health industry changing? Or not?

 It’s growing at a rapid rate, which I think is wonderful! However, what I am noticing is that certain health products, ingredients and diets become trendy and when they do, it can dilute the market. What I mean by this is that most anyone can hop on the kombucha train, for example, without having any prior dietary or culinary knowledge or experience in nutrition, fermentation etc. So, the intention behind these “health products” can simply be another way to cut a profit which is turn, is when we see diluted products or the addition of not-so-natural ingredients to save on cost. 


What are your hobbies/other talents that we don’t know about?

 I’m a self-taught photographer and P/T mermaid.


What’s next for your company?

I will share that it won’t be in liquid form!


Thank you Jamie!


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